Change is everywhere. Or is it?

One night this late-August week, it was 48° F! This cooler, crisp air is a reminder of the changes that underlie and create the natural world around us. Change is always underway. Always there. It just becomes more visible for many parts of the world at this time of year.  

Whether we realize it or not, perhaps our minds are already preoccupied with a potential barrage of questions that often accompany the summer to fall season change…

Will we get more “beach days”? Sometimes we think this even if we don’t actually go to the beach. When does the clock change again? Is it too early to switch seasonal clothing? What about all those projects that I wanted to do before winter? When will it start dark getting by the time I get home from work? I wonder what winter predictions are? What is traffic going to be like now that school is back in session? When will the first frost be this year?

You know the questions. Together, we could make a long list.

It’s a sure bet that these changes don’t worry about us.

We see the changes, or we miss seeing them and say that the changes snuck up on us this year. Often we focus a lot of attention on the changes. Sometimes we may get carried away by them. Especially those of us who live from holiday to holiday, for whatever many good reasons we have.

While our bodies are part of the natural world and are also always changing, we have an unchanging space within us. It’s that place of inner peace/freedom that is our very being. Always there. We pave the path to it by just calling it to mind. Noticing it. Experiencing it.  

Take some moments to focus on this inner space to help navigate these external changes. If we do this regularly upon wakening, it frames the whole day in new light.

Just before lunch, it’s a welcome respite and fulfilling nourishment.

At or around dusk, it brings a mindful transition to evening time. It supports closure to daytime activities, along with refreshed perspective to be more present (more “you”) in the precious short time that follows with self/family/others.

At bedtime, it creates the stillness and satisfaction that leads to deep restorative sleep.

Good night.

Good morning.

Inner space is timeless.


Always there.

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