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I walk the line.

August 14, 2019
Honors / Volunteerism

YogaCaps Volunteers receive statewide honors


Yoga as a medicine for depression


I walk the line.

I had this song title on my mind recently when Jay and I were teaching in Nashville, TN. Even if...
2018 YogaCaps honorees

YogaCaps Volunteers receive statewide honors

Congratulations to Heather Bogrett, Deb Cicchetti, Gail Duval, Pushpa Mudan, Mary Palm and Vijaya Upadrasta for receiving 2018 Spirit of NH...
yoga as medicine for depression

Yoga as a medicine for depression

Yoga reduces depression severity Adults with mild-to-moderate major depression who participated in a yoga intervention resulted in statistically and clinically...

Being at The Bean

Chicago is one of the many places we’ve enjoyed sharing yoga programs for the past several years. As Frank Sinatra...


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